Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Breakdown of "And We Danced" by Macklemore

Bitches love free things, so I sneaked "Free" into the title, brilliance I know. Now usually I don't do this but uhhhhhhh.... gonn head on break em off with a little previews of the remix I decided to gonn head and break down "And We Danced" by Macklemore, mainly because the song is wicked pissah... The song came out like 3 years ago but no one really actually knew about it until the mack attack popped some taaaaaaags .. without further adieu, click le play button and follow le long

Starting this bad boy out with some lyrics from the quoteably-lyric-heavy intro/first verse

"Ooh lay heyehuhhhh, ooh lay heyehuhhhhhh, ooh lay heyehuhhhhhhhhhhhhh" is a boss ass opening lyric.. oh you're trying to catch a break in the music industry Macklemore? yeah just go ahead and sing whatever comes to mind to start out the song and we'll take it from there...  NAILED IT.

"Tonight... Cause tonight's the night, am I right? DANCE!!!" - love the enthusiasm here guy, gotta keep the listener on their toes at all times

"We're having a hoedown, you hoes down??" if it was socially acceptable to tweet this exact line once everyday, I'd do it in a heartbeat, no questions asked.. I'd even tweet it multiple times in one day if that was acceptable amongst my peers... take your pick bro, no flinching going on over here, none.

"Grab my hand, PLAY THIS SONG, DJ save my life COME ON" intensity fluctuation mid-line, this guy ladies and gentlemen, knows his music.. Bravo Macklemore, Bravo

The lyrics at the end of the 1st verse - could probably google that shit, but nah, just gonna let it be

Chorus Intermission - couple of "ohhh oh's" just does it for me, also the beat syncs with the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD TIME so nice, REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE

Aaaaaaaaaand Verse 2

Some takeaways from Verse 2
- Under no circumstances will Macklemore:
       -Stand on the wall
       -Give a damn who watches him
       -Be a mannequin

- Macklemore WILL however:
       -Dance, he gonn dance
       -He gonn break datassss off
       -Live, he gonn live
       -Be the disco ball
       -Give his all
       -Skeet (by accident)
       -Burn down the Vatican
       -Moonwalk to Pluto (in honor of Michael Jackson)

"RIP TO THE KING, MICHAEL JACKSON, WE LEARNED IT ALL FROM YOU, DEDICATE THIS TO THE DANCE FLOOR" not sure if there's ever been a surer thing in the existence of Earth, but I will undoubtedly belt the shit out of this line the next time the situation arises and I'm drunk spirited enough to give it it's due

Chorus Intermission

Incident with the girl at the bar
-Spotted her at the bar - Creep Ass Mofo Swaggy
-Friends were hating - Bitches.. go hate the game
-Just wanted to dance/extract the truth - well intentioned man

-No actual words here, but it sounds good anyways

-Let it be known Macklemore just wanted to dance.. with you

End Chorus - overall you just feel like a better person than before you listened to this song

Blog post brought to you by "Le King"

Monday, April 30, 2012

Somebody Has To Step Up To The Plate And Break Adele's Heart

woah woah woah! they gave me a careers' worth of Grammys! guess I'll just never sing again!
was just thinking today about that fiiiiiine diiiiiime Adele and that majestic-ass voice of hers that makes the angels cry.. where did that broad go? she hiding or something? I need more Adele and I need it ASAP.. hate to say it, but my Adele cup is bone dry right about now and I'm hating every second of it.. need more Adele! straight up Adele drought up in this bitch.. somebody be THE MAN and break her heart so the world can continue to turn, sun can shine, grass can grow, etc... like I just miss her.. that time she set fire to the rain and watched it burn as she groped my face was truly an amazing experience that her and I shared together, heart melted right then and there.. and that time she showed up out of the blue uninvited? pure gold man. I mean I wont lie, shit was kinda weird, just cooking some eggs and then boom there goes Adele singing to me like the doll she is
look at that passion!
Its cool though, I kinda liked, I wont lie.. Bottom line here is the world has been dysfunctional ever since Adele decided her heart was too broken to go on.. somebody has to step up and rebreak that heart of hers.. like I'd gladly be willing to do it if I knew where she lived, but I don't, nor do I care to find out where she lives, so this is someone else's burden

In other news though this song has been my reason for living the past week
played it like 297,648,173 times at Providence this past weekend and it never got old, not once brah! and on a semi-related note, I fell in love every time this song came on! with who? first person my chocolate-brown eyes gazed at! so yup, I fell in love with Tommy O'Connell A LOT, and his roommates a bunch of times too.. heart stopped for every Jen and even a deflated lindsay! someone kept putting it on in their room.. kid was a bro.. fell in love once at the golf party also.. it was terrific!

Looping back to the main point right quick again, we need Adele, and we need her super sad so she can sing again, so get her super sad peeps

P.S. what if someone just made all her wildest dreams and fantasies come true? ..wonder if we'd get happy Adele music? we'd have to get happy Adele music right? somebody try that out and get back to me.. probably be the best music to ever grace anyone's ears

-Briguy Savguy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Against It's Will, My Soul Has Just Wondered Off Into A Deep, Dark Abyss Of Sadness

click play :(

Oh sad day, oh sad day! let the rains fall down upon me for the next month or so.. gosh it hurts so bad.. just lost to a team that plays not to lose.. since when does that ever happen in sports? when does a team that gives it it's all to win the game lose to a team that plays not to lose? I'll tell ya, game 7 in the Bruins vs. Caps series.. oh.. awk.... just doesn't make sense.. need to wallow in my sorrow for a little while and listen to the saddest music I can think of.. If you have a sad song just feel free to send it over.. and send over tissues too cause I'm crying myself to sleep tonight.. after a loss like that, you betcha! my marriage with Boston sports is just too intense man.. just way too passionate and committed.. gives me the highest of the highs, but it also gives me the lowest of the lows... tonight is one of those lows friends.. may you all find a way to make it through this very, very tough time

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh How Things Can 180 Right Before Your Eyes

Anddddddddddddddd boom goes the dynomite! the eagle has landed! one more game in Boston on Wednesday and we're onto the next round baby! you know what? not even mad anymore that they lost the game I was at yesterday anymore! caused me to give a half-ass (at best) effort for a family christmas card post-game, and ruined my time at P.F. Chang's afterwards too! (not really, just being dramatic) but hey! water under the bridge!

24 hours ago I was like wowwwwww.. well this sucks.. Bruins lose a game they should have won because of a couple of softies.. red sux blow a 9-0 lead to the yanks and get spanked (not even sure why i mentioned that, literally dont care at all about the red sox right now).. things were looking down man not gonna lie!

but hey fast forward 24 hours and what a 180 swing huh? Bruins get 3 leads and blow them all, but hey it doesnt even matter bro! not today! cause well just grab the lead for the fourth time in game 6 and win it circa tyler the kid in OT.. textbook! just the way we wrote the script baby! Ummmmm momentum much? heading to the gahhhhdennnnn? put it in the bag already right? no need to even play game 7! ..I mean you can go ahead and poke the bear, but eventually its gonna wake up and then you're screwed.. and if the Bruins win wasnt enough, the red sox got rained out too!!!! 0% chance of losing when it rains out! ill take a rain out for the rest of the season! Boston baby! always gotta believe in Boston!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lamest Reaction To Getting Playoff Tickets Ever?


oh, yeah, I mean its kinda cool.. was actually planning on watching the history channel that day..... ugh, yeah whatever i'll go though.. woo... excited.....

well this was the grand daddy letdown of all letdowns for me.  I was standing there with the iPhone all ready to catch a sick reaction and post that bitch to facebook.. ready to get a ton of likes and comments about how cool I am awesome Dave is and how everyone loves him, and then Dave just goes ahead and turns in this dud. I mean, I had already known we were going to the Bruins for like 4 whole days before this video was even taken and I was still ready to burst with joy and excitement.. I was so excited I posted a facebook and status and everything
and as you'll see I listened to no ones ideas
I guess the little rascals just growing up and has bigger and better things to do than go to the Bruins playoff game... teenagers.....

shout out to Nowwassup! luh you gurl<3

Friday, April 6, 2012

Is It Weird I Enjoy Weird Anime-Sounding Skrillex Music?

This is a reader-interactive blog yayaya! rate yourself and follow the instructions displayed below

-Bsavvysav/Skrillex faithful - click play and listen to the whole damn thang
-Casual Bsavvysav blog reader - fast forward to 3:40 and click the play button, don't pause it
-Unruly/Disgruntled blog reader - fast forward to 4:12 and click play and then click pause at 4:42.. pansy

finally got over the hump of just listening to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and Skrill's Levels remix and actually downloaded his 2 CDs (a whopping 16 songs).. stumbled upon Summit (as well as the other 15 songs) and at first I was like yooooo whatttttt is this bro? kinda not really feeling it in the slightest... and then time passed, something like 10 minutes, and I was like AYYYYYYY LESSSGOOOO MY SUMMIT!!! shits hot! at least to my ears its hot!! ever since I started liking this song though I've been trying to get my head around whether its weird that I like it.. Like its so clearly cut out for those who like odd/strange Anime-sounding noises, and I don't necessarily classify myself as fitting into that category.. like enjoying ga ga goo ga yaba yaba boe youbie type music is just so odd.. its the only way I can explain music like that really.. either way its got me thinking
lol memes always make everything better
and I'll tell ya, I'm just totally baffled right now.. thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News Flash - Murdered Mustache March 2012 To A Pulp

March 31st - weight of the stache weighing down my face
April 1st - no added weight to the upper lip region, finally able to smile 

Another Mustache March came and went, and another Mustache March was another smashing success for the Savman. Took my PR from last year and just absolutely smashed that to bits and pieces.. Mustache March has to be one of the most exciting times of the calendar year, we're talking about a 31 day commitment to nothing else but that bit of facial hair above the lip and below that nose of yours.. for 31 days you just give everything you got in your heart and soul to the hair on that little two-inch portion on your face, and hope that it grows plentiful.. there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the month of March and its rains.. never know if its going to be a drought month or an absolute flood.. just never know.. whole month of March you got your mind on two things: how your crops are going to turn out, and how badass your mustache will look when all is said and done.  Considering most of us don't own farms or grow crops, were all just wandering around all March with that mustache of ours on our minds.. and similar to the crops, the mustache rains can come and go. There's no little man that runs by telling you you're going to grow a really awesome stache this March.. for all you know it could be a dry March and you only end up grow 4 whiskers.. The month of March is an emotional rollercoaster that were all just riding on blindfolded until we open our eyes on April 1st and look back on how well we've grown.. not only how well our mustache has grown, but how much we've grown as an individual.. it takes a big set of cahonays to walk around for 31 days with a gross, furry upper lip.. its like cheap babe repellent.. according to my calculations, I only ended up getting a total of 23,489 girls who expressed a "turned on" look regarding my appearance in the month March.. significantly down compared to other months.. I even had a girl approach me and ask if I had a live ferret on my face.... and then go off on some schpeal about how its her favorite animal and how we have to hang out and exchange numbers and something about how she thought I was her soulmate... like do you even know the effect this type of stuff has on me? do you know how hard the month of March can be for us mustache growers? we'll I'll tell ya, very hard. Basically we take ourselves out of the game for 31 days Ladies and Gents.. it's a sacrifice we make so we can grow the greatest staches to ever grace the month of March.. really proud of the performance I had this March, looking forward to next March already.

-B Stachystache